Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ack! I've been found!


HOW did you find me, C.G.?! Was it because I linked your blog?

I JUST started this thing, and thought it should have a little more substance before I advertised it.
I'm glad you found me, though! Nice to have a comment already! :)

Just for you, my first commenter, a story:

Yesterday, our two kittens, Zap and Butler, were playing outside. Butler started crying piteously to get in (I thought) so I sent my daughter to open the door for him. She went to the door, and instead of running in, he looked at her, meowed loudly, then ran in the other direction. He stopped looked back and meowed again, so she followed him. He led her straight to his brother, Zap, who had a paw stuck in a metal grate. The Horse Whisperer got him loose, and the two of them sat down to give each other baths. Isn't that sweet?


Charity Grace said...

How did I find you? Technorati! LOL

What a sweet story! I've never heard of a cat being that communicative or caring. I love cats, but I'd found that they are usually pretty self-centered. :) They're cute as can be.

Gina said...

Never heard of Technorati. I had to google it.

These guys are big buddies. They cry if they can't find each other. It's very sweet. In fact, that's how we ended up with two kittens at once. We were all set to take one home, and the other one set up such a racket it was too mean to separate them, and they were only 5 weeks old when we got them!