Thursday, July 5, 2007

Out With a Bang

I'm going off-line for a few weeks. I'm starting a job that won't leave me much time for blogging. Hopefully I will still be able to pop in once in a while to check out all my new friends' blogs and leave a few comments, but you won't be seeing too much of me. I'll leave you a few pictures I took of the fireworks last night, just for fun. No, they aren't great because I have no tripod and probably had the settings on the camera wrong, but they were fun anyway. Have fun everyone!


Hannah's Mom said...

They are great Gina!! I didn't bring my tripod and well... I think they turned out almost as good if not just as good. :) We will see talk to you soon! School starts in a month for me and Hannah so I will be taking a semi break too.

Audrey said...

They look wonderful! We didn't have any fireworks. It was too rainy. *sigh*

I hope to see you back soon.