Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time to Be a Mama Again

Well. I have made a foray into the world of the workforce. I gotta say, it's pretty fun wearing nice clothes, doing a job that you ROCK at, and getting kudos from some Very Important People for it. Meeting tons of really nice people from all over the country, going out to dinner and trying new types of food, and learning about new things can be very seductive. Never mind the moo-lah, which got us almost completely out of debt AND bought us a full tank of propane to get us through another year.

It's been fun. REALLY fun. But, I can see that my family still needs me here. I will probably still do a short job here and there, but no more months long marathons for me. In 8 years or so I'll be in a position to work full time, and I look forward to that. Now, however, I'm going to enjoy my wonderful children while they still ARE children. They are growing up so fast!

SO, watch this space. I'm back in the blogosphere, and will be boring you with all kinds of little tidbits of silly things.

Hey, check out this hawk I saw while I was at "work":

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