Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two Things Challenge

This is last week's challenge:



This is our first ever pumpkin carving experience. We don't really do the whole Halloween thing, but every year it's SO hard for me to resist piles and piles of big orange pumpkins! The Zoo Keeper has ALWAYS wanted to carve one, so today we did it. Tomorrow, we are making pumpkin pie!

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Bobbie said...

Love your entry and what a great theme for this time of the year. I love the carved pumpkin. p.s. My sister was Audrey, and now my grand-daughter is Audrey. Not a real common name these days, but a beautiful one.

Beverley said...

Terrific! I know how difficult it is with pumpkins as you've only got one chance and if you cut it wrong the pumpkin face looks a bit funny. However, your pumpkin face ia a work of art!