Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lots going on...

So far it's happened twice.

Life is slow enough to think about starting a blog.

I get the lead out and actually START a blog.

Suddenly life explodes and I don't have time to think about writing anything remotely entertaining for anyone else to read.

I just got a temporary job that will keep me gone most of the summer, once it gets started. I don't think it will actually start for a couple of weeks, but I have to go in for a day here and there...today included which is why this is a "quick and dirty" post.

The Horse Whisperer just got a puppy. It's adorable. I'll post pics if I ever get time.

The Zoo Keeper is getting an alpaca...well, actually TWO. I'll post about it when I get the time.

Yesterday I had a "Snow White" moment with a wild bird...more to follow...

These stories and more when this AZ Mama gets time to catch her breath!

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