Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mia is Home!

Here are The Horse Whisperer and Mia, sacked out on the kitchen floor. You just can't get any sleep in the hospital, you know?

She isn't totally out of the woods yet. She's still on a very restricted diet, and we have about a week's worth of pills to get down her twice a day, but she is MUCH better than she was yesterday. Thanks for all your prayers! Yesterday we didn't know if she WOULD come home. Happy day!


Hannah's Mom said...

Praise the Lord!! How sweet they are... A little bit, keep Mia in the kitchen or something that can be cleaned. I don't know what they have told you what happens as they get better, but just keep her some where you can clean. I will email you with that what is.

Audrey said...

I'm very happy to hear that she is doing better. It's heart breaking when a pet is ill. Keep us updated.