Monday, November 5, 2007

90 Percent?!

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How did this happen?! There was a time when I watched these movies so much with my kids that I could have easily spoken along with the dialog. Has it been so many years since my children wanted to watch a Disney cartoon every day that I have *gasp* forgotten the details of these movies? I should have sailed through this quiz with a 100%. They won't even tell me which questions I got wrong, though I think it was something to do with Aladdin. That one wasn't the girls' favorite, and Wheeler hasn't wanted to watch it in a very long time.

Well, the kids have moved on to more interesting things, like music, horses, dog training and rock collecting.

Stupid Disney quiz. How pathetic that I had to go back and redo the quiz until I found the 2 questions that I got wrong. Silly me! (It WAS an Aladdin question...AND a Little Mermaid question.)

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