Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I had a really great tip for today to add to Shannon's list at Rocks in my Dryer, but I totally lost it in the flurry of getting ready for Thanksgiving. So, my tip is this:

Whatever you DIDN'T get done? Don't worry about it. Enjoy your family and friends and great meal (even if you forgot to buy rolls). tomorrow is about giving thanks for all your blessings. Not about how perfect the food or your house is. If your mother-in-law peeks in a hall closet or sees the pile of papers you didn't get filed (ahem), well, there was probably a time when she wasn't perfect either. And if she SAYS anything? Ask her for a housecleaning service for Christmas.



Bev said...

Happy Thanksgiving Gina. You are right, those are the really important things! (true, about the mother-in-law, though!)

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

Very wise advice!

Hannah's Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

You made me laugh about the mother-in-law saying something... you are a funny girl. ;) Just think one day we will be mother-in-laws, oh my goodness.

Love to all of you!

Laura said...

AMEN! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly Malloy said...

Great tip!