Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, To The Cowboy

Yesterday was The Cowboy's birthday. How many candles do you see? We had to dig ALL our left-over candles out of the junk drawer to get enough to put on his cake. He was a good sport and blew them all out in one breath. See, I'm 4 years younger than he is, so I get to tease him the whole time he's in a different decade than me. *evil grins*

Even though I tortured him about his birthday, I DID get him a nice present. This: I think I surprised him for once! He actually told me he didn't think I'd be "brave enough" to buy a chain saw.


I have NO idea what that means.

Anyway, even though it was his birthday weekend, he was being all sweet and bought me these on Friday for no good reason:

And this on Saturday, because I loved it:

In my mind, a bouquet of "just because" roses and a speckled blue tin dishpan trumps a chainsaw any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Girls are SO much easier to buy for than Boys!

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Sandollar said...

Hi Gina...thanks for visiting my blog...and for your nice comment. Couldnt tell exactly how many candles were on the cake but he's lucky! There are soooo many on mine that we have to light it outdoors now!!