Thursday, November 29, 2007


This is the Thanksgiving Post that's probably only interesting to family or the guests that were actually there.

We had lots of meat (there seems to be a turkey missing):

I had to make bags to cook the meat in because when you cook it in a big pot underground, it all falls off the bone. If you don't have one of these roller cutters and a mat, GET ONE! They are wonderful!

Cooked to perfection in the ground:

Here's the feast:

Don't forget pie!

The second shift cleaning crew (nothing like a houseful of kids to do the cleanup after the adults have done all the cooking!):

We killed a LOT of clay pigeons. See all the shell casings? Pay no attention to that pile of horse poo:

Time to get ready for Christmas!


Hannah's Mom said...


Looks wonderful!! Was Great Grandma B there? Who are the three that we dont know. ;) I know the wee one is Brandon's.

I love the way you all make Christmas Dinner.I bet it was delicious. :)

Have a fabulous day Gina!

Gina said...

Hi Windy!

G.Gma. B. didn't make it. She caught a cold and didn't want to spend the day sleeping in a chair.

The littlest one is Beau's. The two girls you don't know are Branden's. :)

Did you guys have a nice day?

Hannah's Mom said...

LOL.. I meant to type Beau and was thinking Brandon because I was thinking those must be Brandon's kids. LOL Oh I need a brain transplant.

We had a wonderful day!!! We have made a tradition of spending Thanksgiving quiet... well, at least the broken finger happened the day after. ;) I am so glad to see that your brothers came down.


Bev said...

This was interesting. We don't cook our meat in a hole in the ground or go shooting on our holidays round here!

Gina said...


Just so it's clear...Not sure about the culture or language barrier here, but clay pigeons are just little disks..not real birds!

It's not really normal to do Thanksgiving the way we do it. We are rednecks. *grins* We do know how to have a good time though!