Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Do you know what today is?

I just found out, via the wonder of the internet, that today is Air Your Dirty Laundry Day! So, here it is:

This is not even all of it. *sigh*

BUT! After a long day and lots of soap and water, I give you my CLEAN LAUNDRY!

That's probably not the dirty laundry they are talking about, but that's all you'll get from me! *grins*

P.S. Let me draw your attention to the list to your right that has ALMOST everything crossed off! Woot!


Bobbie said...

Nice clean laundry blowing on the line...ah no prettier picture. I see you have the stuff filed on the yellow hutch which must be your catchall just like my brown one is:)

Hannah's Mom said...

Ceiling fans... you mean you havent gotten to that yet? :) You go girl... look at all you have done.

Gina said...

*sigh*, yes, Bobbie, the yellow hutch is where the bills sit that need to be payed, and unfortunately they don't get filed every month...or every YEAR, and it's a piled up mess.

Windy- Celing fans. Ugh. Maybe people won't look up.