Monday, November 19, 2007

Maintenance Monday

Time to do another maintenance project!

Well, this week I cleaned my refrigerators (plural, you notice. WHY do we need TWO refrigerators?!) and pantry (which has been a happy fall hunting grounds for some field mice, so this included washing all the food storage buckets and canned goods), scrubbed the hard water stains out of my shower, and, yes, WASHED MY COMPUTER SCREEN, thanks to Bev reminding me that it needed to be done. Today I'm doing Major Corner Cleaning, hoping I can get it done before my brother decides to come over to visit, since he's down from Washington with my newest Nephew:

Don't you just want to grab him and smooch those little cheeks?

I suppose it's cheating because I'm doing all these things in preparation for Thanksgiving, but I'll be back to the normal maintenance projects next week. I think.

Did you do your maintenance project? If you did, please post a link in the replies for the rest of us to get inspired!

1 comment:

Bev said...

OK, Gina, I'm just going to write mine in a minute. The pic and task have already been done! It's still Monday here!